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The historical Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring pageant, on the 15th of February. Young men randomly chose the name of a young girl to escort to the festivities. With the introduction of Christianity, the vacation moved to the 14th of February. The Christians came to celebrate February 14 as the saint day that celebrated the several early Christian martyrs named Valentine.

It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 every year. People in Japan and China celebrate Valentine’s Day on totally different dates. On the popular Valentine’s Day date of February 14, females current presents of candies to their boyfriends or different males near them. On March 14, people of Japan celebrate White Day as an extension of the Valentine’s Day festival celebrated a month earlier. On White Day it’s the turn of the lads to pamper girls who expressed their love and affection for them on 14th February. Valentine’s Day was initially celebrated as a Spring Festival in Italy.

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In reality there are a number of St. Valentines within the historical past books connected with this holiday. Strangely, the life and demise of those saints do not resemble the kind of romantic tales related to Valentine’s Day, so these tales are usually omitted from the day’s celebrations.

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Another popular Valentine’s Day reward in Italy is Baci Perugina – a small, chocolate-coated hazelnuts containing a small slip of paper with a romantic poetic quote in 4 languages. People of Italy see Valentine’s Day as a vacation imported from US, identical to Halloween and Mother’s Day. For the love and lovers nation of Italy, the main day for celebration of love is il giorno della festa degli innamorati. As lovers’ completely rejoice today members of the family and associates don’t trade items.

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It has been celebrated because the day when the primary work in the vineyards and in the fields commences. It can also be said that birds suggest to each other or marry on that day. Another proverb says “Valentin – prvi spomladin” (“Valentine – the primary spring saint”), as in some places , Saint Valentine marks the start of spring. Valentine’s Day has only lately been celebrated because the day of love. The day of affection was historically March 12, the Saint Gregory’s day, or February 22, Saint Vincent’s Day. The patron of affection was Saint Anthony, whose day has been celebrated on June thirteen. Valentine’s Day is a time when folks show feelings of affection, affection and friendship.