If I’m still feeling these horrible things in sobriety, something is wrong with ME. We usually start drinking alcoholically because we are trying to hide from something. Maybe we feel lonely or lost an important relationship. Or perhaps our life isn’t going the way we planned. We’re stuck in a miserable job and have lost hope that anything can change. So maybe a lot of people don’t say it and maybe I’m the only one who feels it, but sometimes sobriety sucks. Thank you for writing this deeply thought out blog about the struggles with sobriety even after being sober for almost two years.

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  • I sit with my guitar and it all sounds boring and grey.
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But feelings are not the truth. Knowing what you should do isn’t enough. You have to motivate yourself, schedule it in, and consistently do the things that will help you improve your life in recovery. Anything you can do to improve your overall health and wellness will serve double duty and improve your ability to stay sober. You can always improve how you fare in sobriety by looking at where you can improve your quality of life.

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My wife and I started taking swing dancing lessons on Sunday nights. The lessons are in a bar/restaurant downtown, so we expected a lot of drinking among the other dancers. We were pleasantly surprised to find almost no one drinking despite access to a full bar. The dancers are trying to learn a fun hobby and get to know people.

  • To me, a life of sobriety has meant a lifestyle of being awake.
  • Probably a bit of everything there all cranked up to 11.
  • Sobriety Sucks launched 3 years ago and published 48 episodes to date.
  • I can say it is more relaxing and less stressful to not drink.

In another emergency quarantine episode, Jack helps Meredith through waking up in a piss poor mood. They talk about horse girls, creativity during quar, Joe Biden, nightmares and Jack writes some incredible sober cowboy poetry.

Why Quitting Alcohol Can Feel Like Grief

Negative emotions are part of the human experience, my friend. Sobriety comes with a lot of negative dwelling. I still struggle with this one. That’s why having support systems in place is so critical to your success.

  • Jack and Meredith watch the republican propaganda film My Son Hunter.
  • Sexy, but not too sexy.Confident, but coy.
  • I was reading book after book , trying to change every aspect of myself.
  • But I’m also going to say something else that might not be what other people in recovery want to put out there, but what I have found in my experience to be completely true.
  • Prove to yourself that you can finish what you start and be reliable.

Ask for extra hours at work if you’re having a hard time with roommates. Head out of town with some sober friends for a few hours to get a change of scenery. You just have to look a little harder for us because Anheuser-Busch doesn’t spend billions on our marketing.

‘Sobriety Sucks’ Neon at Honest John’s Bar in Detroit – Photography by Kim Gusway via Flickr

So many people have attributed their sobriety to her work after failing to succeed with more traditional approaches. That led to a pretty terrible habit of feeling sorry for myself every chance I got . Many of these problems enter our lives because of our drinking. It is natural to think that by quitting drinking, these problems will finally go away.

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