Psychic Smackdown!

What if I don’t have a psychic or psychic reader in my region? Listed below are the different types of pregnancy psychic readings: The kinds of psychic readings on this webpage can all be given by telephone or online. 1. Both are equally as amazing as having a reading in person! This type of pregnancy psychic reading entails all kinds of topics related to being pregnant or an upcoming pregnancy.

My most reliable source for psychic readings is Oranum. The psychic may read energies or spirits concerning the condition of your pregnancy and also guidance or guide you about how you ought to look after yourself, what to avoid, and whether you’re going to have a simple or difficult delivery according to your existing energies. Not only do they have good psychics, but you get to see them live stream.

This type of reading may also tell you whether you will be pregnant soon or maybe not, if the psychic may feel the power of a prospective child. If you want a deep, soulful reading, then the next option on our types of psychic readings list is for you! If you’ve never been pregnant, then you may also ask this psychic if with a kid will occur for you or not. 2. 2. I want a reading which speaks to my soul and helps me find clarity. This type of reading covers all about the baby, particularly if you’re pregnant. In cases like this, you’d like an Akashic Records reading. You may have some questions or anxieties about the baby, if you’re going to have a great bond, or whether it’s going to be easy for the baby to settle in their new home.

Of all the kinds of psychic readings, these are my favorite! This type of reading can also tell you about the possible character or attribute of the unborn child. In reality, once I heard about the Records in 2010, I became a certified advanced Akashic reader. (The readings are enabling, and made a great accession to the mediumship readings I gave.) The psychic may also help to guide you how to relaxation or care of their while inside the womb. Your Akashic Record is your vibrational listing of your own soul. If you’re not pregnant, the psychic may also feel if there’s a power of a baby around you, to feel if conceiving may be in the near future. Some call it the routine of your soul. 3. Seeing things from this perspective can be eye-opening!

Fertility Readings. What Occurs During an Akashic reading? If you currently have fertility problems, this type of reading can feel the blockages on your psychological, emotional, and physical states that prevent you from being pregnant.

Akashic Records reading are much authentic readings like intuitive readings. The psychic may also help you feel more in control about your future fertility strategies, as well as helping you get a new outlook about having a baby. The distinction is the Akashic reader looks at matters from the perspective of your own soul. If you may ‘t have a baby, then this type of reading may also assist you to understand and deal with the issue, and direct you on additional ways you may become a mother. This is super cool because it’s possible to discover how your religious self (or Inner Being) feels about things. 4. Additionally, the readings are extremely comprehensive, and may even include past lives!

Conception Readings. More about the Records: Should you don’t have some fertility difficulties but suffer from conceiving a child, then this type of reading is for you. There are different ways to get into the Akashic Records. There may not be any problems with your entire body, as well as your partner’s but there can be some other factors that block the energy your baby from entering your life. My favorite way is Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Procedure.

The psychic may feel whether there are any obstacles in the way like the timing not being right, or maybe you may have some relationship problems with your spouse that you need to fix first before conceiving a baby. In her book, How to Read the Akashic Records, Linda even teaches you how to read your own Records! You can ask anything in an Akashic reading which you would in an instinctive reading. Blockages from your career options or future career plans may also be sensed with this psychic reading. For instance, my clients have asked me everything from company to dating questions.

How Accurate Are These Readings? Tip: questions which begin with why, what, and how reveal the most penetration! Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, accessed the wisdom of the Akasha every day in a trance state.

As mentioned, a psychic reading isn’t a prediction.

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